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Business Software Upgrades

Software upgraded and configured for your system.

Business Remote Data Backup

Secure your critical information off site with scheduled data backups.

Business Hardware Upgrades

Ever-increasing file sizes, Internet/network speeds and software demands for RAM mean that all businesses need to keep their computers and IT systems up-to-date and running the latest hardware. This is particularly important with RAM, for example, as modern software – particularly Windows Vista and MS Office – demand a huge amount of RAM memory in […]

Business Computer Repairs

As IT has become increasingly business critical, computer downtime can have a major impact on the functioning of any organisation notwithstanding the chaos that can be caused by the failure of other critical IT and network components: a failed network router, for example, could prevent an office network from accessing the Internet. We offer a […]

Considered an Office IT Audit?

Do you know your network router password? Do you know the network name of all your office computers? Do you know your ISP connection details, email server address etc, etc?
If the answer is ‘No’, then an IT Audit from UK Tech may be just what you need.

Computer MOT and Maintenance

Identify and rectify IT issues before they become a problem and keep your computer(s) running in tip-top health with our MOT and maintenance programs for both business and domestic computer users. Our computer MOT can improve performance and prevent future problems occurring.


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