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SECockpit is a keyword research tool that has many other side benefits in order to help you with search engine optimization and driving traffic. What people usually want from automatons like keyword research software is speed. But more speed sometimes means incomplete results and analysis. SECockpit provides you with both speed and trustworthy results.

Critically the system comes fully loaded with training videos and an really comprehensive project management system that literally drives you through a full optimisation program – follow it and see your site shoot up the rankings.

About SECockpit – The Works

What this software can do is basically all about keywords as it should be if we don’t want to make things too complicated. Your keyword research with SECockpit is to the point: you enter a seed keyword and get variations which you can then start to filter with the options. You get results relatively fast, close to 200 fully analysed keywords in a minute.
How Does SECockpit Find Keywords?

A lot of keyword analysis tools pull results from Google. It is self-explanatory why. Google Adwords is a popular choice. But with SECockpit you can use the Google suggest scraper and Google related search terms scraper to widen your keyword horizon. The software also taps into SEOmoz crawlers and gets keyword data from there.
After Finding the Keywords, Filter Them

That is the purpose of SECockpit and any other keyword research software – to filter the list of keywords down to those keywords that have the least competition, highest traffic and profit potential. The keyword filter process encompasses all the relevant information which is displayed within SECockpit itself: you get niche value, SOC and CPC indicators.
What Info Does It Give You

The interface gives you the monthly search amount for a keyword or a search phrase and the estimated amount of daily visitors you can expect if you rank on the first page of Google. The cool thing is that you can also see the strength of competition bar for each specific keyword, meaning that you can get an idea on how hard it would be to compete for the keywords. You can also choose to get the information on any available domains or Adwords CPC for a list of top WordPress, Amazon, YouTube, ebay ect. sites. If you’re after CPC then SECockpit can display information on how many Adword advertisers are bidding on a keyword, giving you a further idea on what keyword to choose.
Local Search

SECockpit has the option to narrow down your search to a specific location and even language. You can specify the terms to be included in the search, so you get the most relevant keywords for your local ventures.
Project Management and Planning

Like many other keyword research tools out there, you can save your searches and keywords and drop them in a folder for later use. With SECockpit you can start projects based on those keywords and integrate tools that you might be using, like some link building software for example. SECockpit can create tasks for you and keep track of your backlinks. In addition to that you can monitor your transactions within the software by entering the amount of money you spent, say on a single site, and then side it with respective income.

SECockpit comes with “boot camp” training videos to help you on your way.


Other tools like Market Samurai, Niche Finder and KeywordSpy are ready to lend you a hand in keyword research as well. Market Samurai and Niche Finder are proficient at keyword research and finding obscure profitable niches, but they negate the competition aspect of online marketing – which is why you should opt for KeywordSpy instead. KeywordSpy not only is a superb keyword research tool, it also allows you to check out your competition and use their strategies and keywords to your own benefit.

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