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Computer MOT and Maintenance

By far the most effective way of ensuring your business or home computers don’t suffer from a catastrophic IT failure is regular maintenance.

Just as with a car, a computer or IT system should be regularly checked and monitored and routine maintenance undertaken to ensure that it is working to its optimum ability and to diagnose and pre-empt any forthcoming failure so that it can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

We offer a rolling maintenance program – usually on a monthly basis for business, however the frequency can be dictated by the needs of the business client – whereby our technicians will attend your business premises after hours and perform a series of diagnostics and maintenance routines on your computers and IT network.

For home users we offer a one-off overhaul of your computer to check that everything is in order and to undertake some performance-enhancing processes and highlight any problems that are evident.

This work will help maintain your computer(s) at optimum performance and identify any potential problems before they grow to significantly hamper your their performance capabilities.


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