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Business Remote Data Backup

Whether your business uses a laptop, single pc or networked computer systems, loss of data due to hardware or software failure, including viruses, can have a devastating impact on the functioning of your business. Taking regular copies of all files on a CD or DVD is time-consuming and impractical if you have multiple computers and if you operate ‘dumb terminals’ with your data stored on a server, if that loses its data then your whole business could grind to a halt!

We operate an off-site backup service that can that, at a specified time, can take backups of all your essential data from all computers and servers that you wish to have backed up.

Our service uses 448bit Blowfish encryption to ensure your data is fully encrypted and secure.

Furthermore, our system detects what files have changed since the last backup and only uploads those files that have had alterations: this incremental backup approach minimises transfer loads and, of course, data transfer times.


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