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Once the domain of large organisations, the cost and equipment required to run an office telephone network has dramatically decreased over the past few years meaning that all sizes of business, from SME’s upwards, can now harness the use of a telephone network in their business premises.

The days of having to physically pass a phone around staff is fortunately over as today’s telephone network systems are within reach of all businesses and can be installed with a minimum of hassle. Our SME ‘starter’ PBX (private branch exchange) system will take from 1 – 3 incoming telephone lines and allow multiple extensions to be assigned so that calls can be transferred between staff along with a whole host of other useful functions.

Entry Level PBX System For SMEs

This fully-featured PBX system can be installed with the minimum of fuss – just cabling to your various office workstations that are to have telephone extensions, mounting of the server and connection to your incoming phone line(s) – for a very affordable price.

Affordable PBX telephone exchange server

Affordable PBX telephone exchange server

  • Connection up to 3 incoming phone lines
  • Distribute calls to up to 8 extensions
  • On-hold music facility
  • Call forwarding / transfer
  • Dial 9 for outside line or direct access
  • Compatible with caller ID display
  • Reception phone port
  • Speed dial up to 99 assigned numbers
  • Auto Fax transfer
  • Runs least-cost routing procedures
  • VOIP Access Code


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