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Ever-increasing file sizes, Internet/network speeds and software demands for RAM mean that all businesses need to keep their computers and IT systems up-to-date and running the latest hardware. This is particularly important with RAM, for example, as modern software – particularly Windows Vista and MS Office – demand a huge amount of RAM memory in order to function and failure to increase RAM accordingly when installing such software will lead to decreased computer processing speed and freezing.

In addition to upgrading components within your existing IT equipment you may wish to turn your hard-wired office network into a wireless network environment or change from peer-to-peer to Ethernet or a host of other possible upgrades of your IT system as a whole.

Our skilled technicians can undertake the upgrading of both equipment components and of IT system and network peripherals ensuring your IT system is capable of growing with your business and is always stable and fit for purpose.

We offer upgrade service both within work time and out of hours to ensure your business downtime and inconvenience is kept to a bare minimum. Our hardware upgrade service operates on a ‘per job’ basis whereby items identified by our clients – or as the result of an IT Audit/IT MOT – highlight the need for such action.


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